About Us 

You can find out more about ‘Men’s Sheds’ through the association links for the Australian Men’s Shed Association and/or the Victorian Men’s Shed Association

Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to be a participant in socially and environmentally responsible ventures for the purpose of continually improving our member’s physical and mental health, general wellbeing, and quality of life. Our Purpose is to build and maintain a strong and sustainable network by supporting our men and to help their families and community to meet their diverse needs. The beneficiaries are our members, their families and the communities they live in.

Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed Network (HBMSN)

 HBMSN is a not for profit organisation and registered charity. HBMSN is a community workshop, run for and on behalf of it’s members, by it’s members. We give back to our members and the community through various channels.

HBMSN interlocking values (logo)

 A place of ACTIVITY for HEALTH while SHARING and LEARNING together.

Why does HBMSN Exist?

 Some may tell you a Men’s Shed is just “All about the Men”. While in principle and at a core level this may be true, look closer and there is much more to HBMSN.

  The following are 3 key goals for HBMSN -

   Men’s Health

 As per the Men’s Shed original vision, we are here to support the “men” in our community with a heavy lean towards retired or unemployed men. We are however, open to all and ready to support all those that wish to maintain good health for mindbody and quality of lifeThis is different for everyone and we offer a judgement free environment assisting those that wish to improve or maintain their health for the years ahead. For some it is a place to fill the void left behind when a routine of years of hard work suddenly stops upon retirement. They can remain active through giving back what/when they can. For others it may be about meeting up over a cup of coffee or a BBQ and having a yarn with a few old or new mates. Of course there are also all those with needs somewhere in between. We are sure to have something on offer for all to remain active and well.

 Throughout the year we offer a range of guest speakers and workshops to discuss a wide range of men’s health topicsThese workshops are advertised in our Shed Focus newsletter which can be found, supplied directly to members via email, on social media, on our websites as well as posted on our noticeboards. All members are welcome to attend.

   Giving Back

 Many activities contain opportunities for people to become involved in giving back to citizens in our community. Along the way our members can obtain personal wellbeing benefits that cannot normally be achieved as a private individualMoreover, our community obtains numerous goodwill benefits through the activities of our members. To find out more check out and check in as a member on the range of activities we have on offer. There is sure to be something for you.

   Supporting the Community

 Several of our activities directly benefit our community at large. Hobsons Bay City Council often provide us with projects to enhance a location, streetscape or improve community interaction etc. One such ongoing project involves our renovation group operating under council guidelines within the nearby heritage cottages. We have also recently completed street libraries and the Summer beach boxes in Altona. A local school may require a raised garden bed, chicken run etc., our woodwork group gladly accommodates. Other not for profit organisations may also reach out for various assistance ranging from technology, woodwork and metalwork among other groups and services. If this is your thing, ask what we may have on offer.


 YOU are the reason HBMSN exists. We are here for you. However, without people like yourself we could not exist in the first place. Our secret is therefore people, people just like you.

Join us and find (or create) the activity/group that is right for you.